Monday, December 10, 2018

Season 14 division 3 statistics

A summary statistics table of previous stages and seasons. 

Draw rate, wins

Final draw rate was 45.5%. The draw rate was higher than in division 4 but still quite low.

Game termination

The three most common game termination causes were:
37.5% - TCEC win rule
22.3% - SyzygyTB
18.8% - TCEC draw rule

Hannibal crashed 5 times in the division, Arasan and rofChade crashed once each.

Moves per game

Median= 62.8
Average= 68.9

There were 13 games longer than 100 moves, the longest was 199 moves (Leela - Pedone, round 11, Leela won).

Time per game (hours)

Median= 1:15
Average= 1:14


There were 2-move book openings in this stage chosen by Cato. The first letter of the ECO codes was distributed as follows:

I'm dropping the opening 'family name' section. I noticed that the current opening naming used by TCEC is not consistent (e.g. "Sicillian", "Sicillian defense" both used, the separator can be ":" or ","). This has probably been true for several past reports.

The engines had a lot of freedom to choose the opening variant. Yet 57.1% of the game pairs repeated the same ECO code twice, and 50% repeated the same opening variant. In 7.1% of the game pairs the ECO first letter was not repeated twice.

Reverse pairs, wins

Reverse pairs, same moves 

Pairs of reverse games diverged very quickly, 50% diverged immediately out of book, 83.9% of the pairs diverged at most after 1 move. The longest repeated sequence of moves was 8 plys (rofChade - Hannibal, rounds 6 and 13, KGD Keene's defense, Hannibal crashed as white, otherwise two draws)

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