Saturday, December 15, 2018

Season 14 division 2, final results

Final crosstable:

Leela and KomodoMCTS continue to move up, promoting to division 1. Gull and Texel are relegated to division 3.

With 3 rounds to go Leela was leading and sure of first place. The race for 2nd place was between KomodoMCTS and Xiphos, both with 14.5 points. Texel was last and could not avoid relegation. The race for 7th place was between Booot 12.5, Nirvana 11.5, ChessBrain 10.5 and Gull 10.5. ChessBrain had one crash which gave it a tiebreak disadvantage.

Nirvana - Booot: Evals stayed low as the engines exchanged pieces until adjudication.

Leela - Xiphos: The game reached a same colored bishop ending on move 32. Leela's eval jumped to 1.5 but Xiphos defended well, the game ended in a tablebase draw on move 143.

KomodoMCTS - ChessBrain: ChessBrain had a small eval advantage in the middle game, the game reduced to a rook ending which KomodoMCTS drew easily.

Texel - Gull: Gull had a real chance to win this game. It created a queen side passer and Texel gave a knight to remove it. The game reached a B vs BB position with negative evals over 2, but Gull couldn't find a way to convert. The game ended in a tablebase draw after 65 more moves.

After 4 draws there is no change in the table. Booot is almost surely safe from relegation.

Texel - Nirvana: Evals were low, the engines reduced to a rook ending and a draw.

Gull - KomodoMCTS: Evals were close to 0, Gull gave a rook for a knight and created a connected pair of passers on the queen side in a BN vs RB position. Then evals turned negative, KomodoMCTS' eval increased rapidly as it created a king side passer. Gull lost a knight for the black passer and KomodoMCTS won the endgame.

ChessBrain - Leela: The game quickly reduced to a drawn rook ending.

Xiphos - Booot: The engines exchanged all pieces and reached a drawn king and pawns endgame.

One round to go. KomodoMCTS leads Xiphos by 0.5 points. Booot and Nirvana are safe from relegation, ChessBrain is 0.5 points ahead of Gull in 7th place.

Nirvana - Xiphos: Evals were low in a mostly closed position. The engines exchanged pieces until only RB vs RB were left and the game was adjudicated. With this draw Xiphos ties with KomodoMCTS, its only hope is that KomodoMCTS loses its game against Texel, not likely.

Booot - ChessBrain: The game reached a double rook ending on move 25 and immediately ended in a repetition draw. ChessBrain leads Gull by a point, Gull needs a win against Leela to avoid relegation, also not likely.

Leela - Gull: The game reached an opposite color bishop ending on move 31, Leela wouldn't lower its eval for draw adjudication until move 165. Gull finishes 7th and is relegated to division 3.

KomodoMCTS - Texel: Evals increased from the start. The game reached a RB vs RB position, KomodoMCTS went a pawn up and created a passer in the center. Texel's pieces were paralyzed and KomodoMCTS won the game, though it shuffled for a while and it was not clear what the winning sequence was. KomodoMCTS finishes in 2nd place.

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