Thursday, December 13, 2018

Season 14 division 2 live blog, Wednesday Dec 12th

In this post I'm not following a game. I was away for 2 days and missed all of RR3 of division 2. I'm having a quick look at the archive to see what I missed.

1. First thing that stands out is that Leela lost, Huh? Is this legit? The previous loss was a network failure and the game was manually adjudicated as a win for Leela. What happened here? Round 18 against Booot, the eval graph shows a blunder around move 85. Leela was up a pawn, the engines shuffled for a long time and then Booot pushed a pawn on the queen side and evals started jumping in black's favor. Did Leela blunder? What did SF (bluefish) have to say? The game reduced to a BN vs RB position which Booot won. Looks like a real loss to Leela. I bet the fans went crazy.

2. Leela is sure to promote to division 1, even if still not mathematically certain. After 20 round it had a 5 point lead over 3rd place, 3.5 points to 2nd place.

3. Komodo and Xiphos had a miserable RR, both with 3/6 points. The race for 2nd place is still open.

4. At the bottom of the table Texel is on its way to finish last, but hey - it won a game? Round 18 against ChessBrain? Again round 18 - a cosmic ray hit the server perhaps. The game reduced to a R vs B ending, Texel used its tablebase knowledge to convert the win.

5. At the bottom the race against 7th is very close. Gull (2.5/6) and Chessbrain (1.5/6) had a weak RR. Nirvana (3.5/6) and Booot (4/6) had better results. One point separates these 4 engines with 8 games to go.

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