Sunday, December 9, 2018

Season 14 division 3, final results

Final crosstable:

Hannibal was disqualied due to crashes. The table is not accurate since all Hannibal's games were ignored. However, the promotions and relegations do not change. Leela and KomodoMCTS were far better than the other engines in this division. The bottom of the table was more crowded, in the end Nemorino was relegated back to division4.

The bottom of the table with 3 rounds left was:

rofChade 9.5, 2 games left
Arasan 9, 3 games left
Pedone 9, 2 games left
Vajolet 8.5, 3 games left
Nemorino 8, 2 games left

At this stage Nemorino was most likely to be relegated. Vajolet was still in danger despite having more games to play, it still had to play both table leaders.

Pedone - rofChade: Pedone pushed pawns on the king side, exposing its king while attacking rofChade's king. Pedone exchanged Q for RN, opened the king side and created an advanced passer. rofChade lost its queen for a rook to stop the passer, leaving Pedone a knight and pawn up in a winning RBN vs RB ending.

KomodoMCTS - Arasan: Arasan survived a long game. After 50 moves Arasan gave a rook for a knight and pawn, KomodoMCTS' eval jumped to around 1. Arasan exchanged down to a R vs N endgame, it used a passer on the 2nd rank to hold the draw.

Vajolet - Leela: Vajolet was up a pawn with a queen side passer, it held the position until move 48. Leela pushed pawns on the king side and (negative) evals jumped over 2. The game reached a RB vs RR ending with a black pawn on the 2nd rank, Leela converted the win.

Two rounds to go. Vajolet is still 0.5 points ahead of Nemorino, both engines with two games left to play. The other engines increased their gap to at least 1.5 points, almost surely safe.

Vajolet - Pedone: Vajolet was up a pawn early in the game, Pedone did not find compensation and evals slowly increased. Vajolet created a queen side passer and exchanged down to a RB vs RN position. Pedone lost a knight for the passer and Vajolet won.

Arasan - Nemorino: The position was more or less static from move 27, on move 53 only the major pieces remained on the board and the engines shuffled until draw adjudication.

Last round: Pedone and Arasan are safe, Vajolet and rofChade are 1 point ahead of Nemorino. Nemorino's last game is white against Leela, and it needs a win, highly unlikely.

rofChade - Arasan: The game reached a double rook ending on move 29. Both engines pushed passers, the game ended in a perpetual check. rofChade is safe.

Nemorino - Leela: Leela gave two pawns and attacked the uncastled white king. Nemorino exchanged pieces, the game reached a rook ending. Leela regained the pawns, the black pawns were much better with a connected pair of passers on the king side. Leela won the game easily. After this loss Nemorino is relegated, Vajolet is safe.

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