Saturday, December 22, 2018

Season 14 division 1 live blog, Saturday Dec 22nd

The remaining race in division 1 is the race for 2nd place between Fizbo and KomodoMCTS. FIzbo beat KomodoMCTS in their last direct confrontation in round 22, their head to head score is 2-2. Fizbo just lost to Leela, it is still 1 point behind in 3rd place. Today we follow the KomodoMCTS - Chiron game in round 24.

move 11: The game followed theory until move 9, KomodoMCTS' 10th move Bd3 was rare and SF thought it was bad and gave a slightly negative eval. KomodoMCTS moved the bishop again to e2 in the next move, Chiron's eval turned negative.

move 16: Evals remain close to 0, Chiron's bishop pair looks strong in the center and it may develop a king side attack in the future. Will KomodoMCTS try something on the queen side?

move 22: KomodoMCTS blocks the dark squares on the king side, but creates a weakness on light squares with g3. Chiron pushed pawns on the king side, and its negative eval increased a little. SF suggested to exchange bishops, KomodoMCTS made a move on the queen side, causing SF to agree that black is better.

move 30: Chiron's attack on the king side led to a series of exchanges. Evals are negative but close to 0. The reasonable outcome of the game is a draw, one of the engines will need to blunder badly to lose the game.

move 37: Chiron thought for 7 minutes and then exchanged bishops. Chiron lowered its eval, then it jumped again as Chiron created a passer on the king side. I doubt anything will come out of it.

move 43: more exchanges and evals are down again. Only QRN vs QRB remain, the game was headed for adjudication and Chiron's eval jumped again. It doesn't want the game to end?

move 50: Queens are off and evals are at 0. Perhaps now we will have a draw?

move 68: finally a draw in a rook ending.

KomodoMCTS has a 1.5 points lead with 4 games remaining.

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