Friday, December 7, 2018

Season 14 division 3 live blog, Thursday Dec 6th

Division 3 is being played, 3RRs done and one to go. The qualifiers for division 2 will be KomodoMCTS and Leela, they have a huge lead over the other engines in the division. They are figthing for first place with Leela ahead by 0.5 points, Leela is also leading 1-0 in the head-to-head score. The bottom of the table is less clear. Hannibal is last, disqualified due to crashes though it is still playing. Nemorino is in 7th place, 0.5 points below Vajolet  and 1.5 points below Arasan.

Currently Pedone is playing against KomodoMCTS at the start of round 22. The reverse game was a draw.

move 10: Pedone chose a less popular sideline in the Sicilian opening, still played at the top GM level. Pedone castled long, KomodoMCTS hasn't castled yet. The black queen side does not look safe for castling, KomodoMCTS may castle short and white can attack with its pawns.

move 15: KomodoMCTS castled short and Pedone is pushing its king side pawns. Evals are close to 0, Pedone is not attacking hard, it seems it doesn't have a clear plan.

move 21: Pedone exchanged pawns in the center, opening the position. It is a pawn up and has a bishop pair but evals remain close to 0. The rooks could be exchanged soon, will this be a quick draw?

move 25: Pedone seems to be preparing to push its g pawn. Meanwhile KomodoMCTS pushed a pawn on the queen side, Pedone's evals turned slightly negative after a long think.

move 30: Pedone continues to be slow on the king side and negative evals are increasing. After exchaging a pair of rooks KomodoMCTS' eval was over 1, the white pieces are on the king side and the white king does not look safe.

move 35: KomodoMCTS is threatening mate on the queen side, its eval jumping. Pedone was too slow and now it seems too late. Most of the white pieces are too far to help the king, now it seems black will win soon.

move 40: Now Pedone pushes the g pawn in desperation. KomodoMCTS ignores this and continues with its queen side attack. It captures a pawn, its eval over 5.

move 48: Pedone loses its queen for a bishop and a knight, game over.

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