Saturday, June 9, 2018

Season 12 premier division after RR6

Crosstable after RR6

Another drawish RR with only 5/21 decisive games. Houdini was strong with 4.5/6, and it closed the gap to the leaders to only 0.5 points. Jonny had a solid RR with 3/6, but it only managed to get within 1 point of Ginkgo, even though it beat Ginkgo for the first time in the division after three losses.

A few interesting games

Andscacs - Houdini: Evals stayed close to 0 for the first 30 moves. Houdini's eval started to increase after it captured a pawn on the queen side, and then created a passer. Andscacs had a bishop pair as compensation, but in the long run it couldn't stop the black passer. Andscacs exchanged pieces and the game reached a RB vs RB position, Houdini was two pawns up and winning. Houdini improves to +6, still in 3rd place.

Houdini - Ginkgo: Houdini's eval increased as it pushed pawns on the king side. Houdini sacrificed a pawn and a knight to start an attack on the black king. After it gave a rook for a bishop and knight the game was adjudicated, the PV showed how Houdini regains the material and wins. A second win for Houdini, it is getting closer to the leaders with +7.

Ginkgo - Stockfish: Stockfish had an eval advantage in a RB vs RN position. After exchanging rooks the eval peaked close to 2, then dropped to 0 when the remaining pieces were exchanged and only pawns remained. A missed chance for Stockfish?

Houdini - Jonny: Evals were close to 0 until Jonny traded BN for R and Houdini's eval started to increase. Houdini opened the king side and the attack on the black king was deadly. The game was adjudicated before Jonny lost material. Houdini with a 3rd win in the RR, a score of +8 just 0.5 behind Stockfish and Komodo.

Ginkgo - Andscacs: Ginkgo had an eval advantage from the start, and was a pawn up from move 26. Evals stayed under 1 for more than 40 moves, Ginkgo had a pawn majority on the king side but the pawns did not move. When Ginkgo pushed pawns on the queen side evals started to increase, jumping over 3 after almost all the queen side pawns were gone. The game reached a RB vs RN position with Ginkgo 3 pawns up and winning.

Featured game: Jonny - Ginkgo
Premier division, round 42
Link to game on TCEC

As usual Jonny had a high eval close to 1 while Ginkgo's was close to 0. Jonny went up a pawn on move 19, its eval jumped when it created a passer on the king side, Ginkgo used it to hide its king and its eval stayed 0. 

After exchanging queens only RRB vs RRB were left, Ginkgo captured back a pawn and created a queen side passer. The engines shuffled for a long time, Ginkgo's eval jumped over 2 yet the position seemed static.

Ginkgo may have blundered during the shuffling, Jonny trapped one rook and its evals jumped higher. Even Ginkgo's eval slowly increased. With 10 moves left on the 50-move counter Jonny captured a pawn and created a second passer on the 6th rank.

Ginkgo soon realized it was losing.The black king was trapped, Ginkgo needed its rook to stop the f pawn queening, it was totally paralyzed.

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