Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Season 8 group 1a statistics

Draw rate, wins

Moves per game

median = 56.75
average = 65.93

Time per game

median = 3:35
average = 3:39

First move

Using ECO codes there were 39 different openings. The top 3 ECO codes were:
C01 7 times - French Exchange
D37 6 times - QGD
C54 5 times - Giuoco Pianissimo

Using full opening name there were 58 different openings, so almost no repeated opening. The QGD: Classical, 5...O-O was the only opening repeated 3 times

Using only the first letter of the ECO codes we get the following distribution:

Very few Indians and Sicillians.

If we use the opening 'family name' (using format FAMILY_NAME: VARIANT....) the top 3 are:
French - 18 times
QGD - 12 times
Two Knights - 4 times

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