Sunday, May 13, 2018

Season 12 live blogging, Sunday May 13th

We look at the Ginkgo - Fritz game, game 36 in division 1. Ginkgo played in the premier division in season 11 and was relegated while Fritz promoted from division 2 this season. Ginkgo was in the lead after 4 double rounds, together with Fizbo, with a +3 score. Fritz had a score of -1 and is ond point above the relegation zone. In the previous game Fritz was white and had an eval advantage, Ginkgo exchanged most pieces and held the draw.

move 16 - the game quickly diverged from the previous game. Ginkgo is ahead on eval, so far keeping the pieces on the board. Fritz' king is uncastled in the center, Ginkgo has more space and has a strong knight in the center.

move 20 - Fritz exchanged knights in the center and castled. The center is mosly controlled by Ginkgo, the white pieces are well developed. The black queen is on the a file in a defensive role, Fritz would probably prefer to trade queens.

move 26 - the engines exchanged a pair of rooks, and most of the queen side pawns are gone. Ginkgo's eval stays below 1, can Fritz hold?

move 31 - Ginkgo is better and has the initiative, but Fritz seems to be solid enough. Both engines have a passer on the queen side that isn't moving yet. Ginkgo offered a knight, Fritz did not take (unlike its PV) to keep its king safe.

move 37 - Ginkgo offered the knight again and this time Fritz took it, Ginkgo regained the material in a series of exchanges that left QB vs QN. It seems the game is headed for a draw.

move 46 - Ginkgo exchanged queens, it is a pawn up in a B vs N ending and evals are close to 0. Waiting for the pawns to stop moving and the draw rule.

move 52 - the draw rule is activated, Fritz holds the draw.

I thought Ginkgo's starting advantage would develop into a win, but not this time.

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