Saturday, May 5, 2018

Season 12 live blogging, Saturday May 5th

Xiphos and ChessBrain promoted from division 3, so far Xiphos is leading division 2 while ChessBrain is 1 point  behind in 5th place. ChessBrain had an early crash, but changed its parameters and it is hoped it will be stable for the rest of division.

move 12 - the center is very crowded. There have been no exchanges so far, evals close to 0 and slightly negative in favor of ChessBrain. Both engines are not showing a PV, very hard for me to understand where the game is going.

move 18 - the DSBs were exchanged, first pieces off the board. ChessBrain pushed a pawn on the queen side, Xiphos is worried so far.

move 23 - Xiphos pushed d4 and e5 and opened the center, ChessBrain's eval is not stable but now it is close to 0 again.

move 29 - the center is wide open now, Xiphos concentrated its major pieces on the d file, so far ChessBrain avoided exchanging rooks. Evals continue to be close to 0.

move 35 - the position looks very balanced, pawns are equal on both sides, both kings are safe. If nothing unusual happens the game will end with the draw rule quickly.

move 43 - game could have been over, ChessBrain moved a pawn and reset the draw rule counter.

move 51 - ChessBrain gave a pawn on the queen side, its eval moving a little. What is its compensation, activity in the center? Evals back down to 0.

move 61 - ChessBrain captured the white knight, Xiphos counters with an attack on the black king, perpetual check draw.

All in all, not a very interesting game, at least it was played out to the end crash-free.

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