Friday, May 18, 2018

Season 12 live blogging, Friday May 18th

There are 3 double rounds left in division 1 and the race for promotion is very close. Today we follow the game between the leader Jonny and Fizbo which is joint second with Ginkgo and Booot. This is the reverse game, the previous game ended in a draw.

move 8 - Jonny diverges by retaking with the queen instead of the pawn, this is the less typical move here. Jonny with an eval advantage, but Jonny is usually an optimist.

move 13 - Fizbo is a pawn up but its pawn structure is worse. Fizbo needs to castle its king. Evals dropped after Jonny's last move, Jonny is seeing a drawn rook ending in its PV.

move 15 - Fizbo castled and evals are close to 0. Jonny is taking a long time to make moves, almost twice as much as Fizbo, but it doesn't seem to have a plan.

move 18 - a pair of rooks exchanged, if the engines start trading pieces this may be a short draw.

move 23 - Fizbo's eval turned negative and came back to 0, it is seeing a repetition draw in the PV but I doubt Jonny will choose this line. Fizbo is still a pawn up.

move 28 - a series of exchanges and only RB vs RN are left. Jonny's eval is still positive and increasing, can it outplay Fizbo in the ending?

--- away from keyboard for 20 minutes ---

--- back again ---

move 50 - for a while Jonny thought it was better, it moved its king forward and captured a pawn. However, evals came back down, Fizbo exchanged the minor pieces and the rook ending looks like a draw.

move 55 - Jonny lowered its eval and the draw rule kicked in.

This result is not good for Fizbo, now Ginkgo and Booot have a chance to increase the gap to Fizbo and to get closer to Jonny and a promotion spot.

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