Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Season 6 superfinal, games 59-64

This is part 11 (last one) of my looking back at the Komodo-Stockfish superfinal match of season 6. Previous parts can be found at
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After 58 games Stockfish led 13-5 with 40 draws.

In game 59 Stockfish had a small eval advantage for 30 moves, it was up an exchange but had an exposed king, while Komodo's pieces were better placed. Evals quickly fell to zero in a RRN vs RBN position, Komodo sacrificed a piece to get a strong passer, Stockfish had to give a rook to stop it and the game was drawn.
In game 60 Komodo was up on eval and up a pawn. Stockfish countered with a rook sacrifice and a strong king side attack to force a repetition draw.

Stockfish started game 61 two pawns up with and an uncastled king that already moved. Komodo had the initiative and a queen side attack. Stockfish first gave a rook for a knight and then exchanged most pieces losing a little more material to get to a R vs RB ending with three extra pawns. The evals were zero and the game was adjudicated as a draw.
In the reverse game Komodo gave back one pawn early, then marched its king away from the center while Stockfish gained two more pawns. The evals became zero in a QR vs QR position, leading to a drawn queen ending.

Game 63 started with a king's gambit in a sharp but relatively balanced variation. After a few exchanges both kings found refuge on the queen side, and though Stockfish had a small eval advantage the position became stable with long pawn lines. Most pieces were exchanged by move 30 and the game reached a double rook ending. The position remained balanced, it took a while but the game ended in a draw.
In the reverse game 64 Stockfish gave three minor pieces for a queen almost immediately after the opening. It thought the position was balanced while Komodo's eval>0.6 indicated it was happy with this imbalance.

After moving the king to safety on the queen side Komodo used all its pieces to put pressure on the black king. Stockfish was very passive with no counter attack, and its eval started to increase. Komodo's knights took over the center and the black pawns became targets.

After exchanging a pair of rooks Stockfish only had QR to defend, outnumbered by Komodo's minor pieces. When the black king moved to the center to help it became a target for attack. Stockfish's position soon collapsed and the game was adjudicated before it started losing material. Komodo managed to win the last game of the match.

The final result of the superfinal was a Stockfish win, 13-6 with 45 draws.

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