Monday, October 30, 2017

Season 10 live blogging, Monday Oct 30th

I'm watching the Gull-Fire game about to start. Both engines are currently in the top 8, but both could use a win to improve their qualification chances.

move 3: the book moves are Nimzowitsch Defense, both evals are positive. Fire will have to work to equalize.

move 9: was away for a while, Gull still ahead. Gull holds the center, Fire has a bishop pair and doubled pawns, still early in the game.

move 13: the PVs are indicating that there will be some exchanges soon. Gull now has a passer on the a file.

move 15: Fire can't take Nd5 because its rook is attacked, about to lose the bishop pair.

move 17: Gull's eval up to 0.59, Fire still cool at 0.25.

move 19: Gull's eval increasing slowly, now at 0.63. PVs agree for a few moves, not sure what the engines are really planning. Can Gull make something out of its passer?

move 20: FIre's eval increasing to 0.42, shifting the knight to g6.

move 22: Fire is putting pressure on the white a pawn, doubling the rooks. Fire's eval dropped back to 0.28, then to 0.21. Gull's eval constant at 0.63.

move 24: now PVs look like shuffling. No plan for either engine? Fire is having a long think, perhaps it sees something? No real change in eval, but Gull's eval dropped to 0.48.

move 26: another long think for Fire, Gull keeps playing moves that Fire is not expecting but we haven't seen a real reaction from Fire yet. ...I was mistaken, my browser was not updating and it was Gull that was thinking.

move 28: Gull exchanging bishop for knight, abandoning the a5 pawn? The center is changing, evals are heading down, I feel a draw coming...

move 31 : Gull's eval back up to 0.43, now there is a white passer on the d file and a black passer on the c file. Fire thinking again, this time the move was expected, I don't understand it. Whoa, Fire's eval up to 0.58, the highest it's been this game. What changed?

move 34: the evals are fluctuating, it's hard to keep track. Fire is back down, Gull up to 0.63 again. The a pawn is gone, what next?

move 37: Gull's eval up to 0.67, looks like the black c pawn is going. Will the d passer be strong now?

move 40: Gull still optimistic, Fire still defending and keeping eval low.

move 42: Gull's doubled rooks on the 6th rank look strong, evals still fluctuating and not going anywhere. Draw after all?

move 45: one pair of rooks is gone, long PV agreement

move 52: engines exchanged everything, rook ending. Fire sees a draw, Gull with no tablebase thinks it has an edge. This may take some time.

move 65: no change, less than 40 moves to a 50-move draw.

move 104: finally over. I hate these long draws where an engine refuses to lower its eval for adjudication. The game was disappointing, some action but mostly boring. Better luck next time.

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