Monday, November 26, 2018

Season 14 live blogging, Monday Nov 26th

Division 4 is in the 3rd RR of 4, and the engine ranks in the table are more or less determined. The first 3 will qualify for division 3, and they will be KomodoMCTS, rofChade and Nemorino. The first 9 will participate in the cup event of season 14, Winter and ScorpioNN will probably be last but Tucano still has a chance to reach 9th spot, with Rodent and chess22k above it in the table. If ScorpioNN crashes again it will be disqualified and removed from the table, but it lost all its games (except a draw against Winter) so this will have no effect on the table.

Now playing are Schooner and Wasp, round 29. Meanwhile in the Carlsen_Caruana championship match the 12th game is about to start, so I will keep an eye on that in about 20 minutes.

move 10: The engines followed theory of this opening, the position looks drawish. White has an isolated queen pawn, black will probably castle soon. Schooner had a long think on move 10, but no effect on the eval.

move 15: The rooks are moving to the center, Schooner put a rook on the c file which has no pawns but is full of pieces. Wasp's LS bishop is still blocking the queen side rook, evals climbing a little.

move 20: Schooner's pieces look better placed. Wasp tried a king side attack, the exchanged bishops and the white knights control the entry squares for the black queen so the attack cannot proceed. Finally Wasp moved its LS bishop, connecting the rooks. The bishop still looks awkward.

move 25: Evals are coming down, though the position seems to have potential with many pieces and an open center. Schooner thought long again, trying to find a plan. Wasp's eval drops to 0 and then negative, as it attacks the queen side.

move 35: After several exchanges Wasp is a pawn up and evals are negative but still low. Wasp has a queen side passer while its king is a little exposed. I still think Schooner can hold.

move 45: Schooner captured the black passer and material is equal, all the pawns are on the king side. The evals are not going anywhere, a few more exchanges and it will be a clear draw. Only QRN vs QRB remain.

move 50: The engines exchanged a pair of rooks, evals are in the draw rule range. This will be a draw unless there is an unusual blunder. I'm shifting my attention to the human match, so I'll leave this game now.

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