Friday, November 9, 2018

Season 13 superfinal statistics

Draw rate, wins

Final draw rate was 78%.

Game termination

The three most common game termination causes were:
52% - TCEC draw rule
22% - TCEC win rule
15% - SyzygyTB

Moves per game

Median= 56.8
Average= 66.5

There were 14 games longer than 100 moves, 3 games longer than 150 moves. The longest game was 197 moves (game 6, draw). 

Time per game (hours)

Median= 3:52
Average= 3:52


There were variable length book openings in this stage chosen by Jeroen. The first letter of the ECO codes was distributed as follows:

If we use the opening 'family name' (using format FAMILY_NAME: VARIANT....) the top 3 are:
Sicilian - 14 times
King's Indian - 10 times

French - 8 times

The engines had little freedom to choose the opening variant, depending on the length of the book sequence. In fact all but one of the game pairs repeated the same ECO code and opening variant twice. Games 97-98 were two King's Indian variants that differed on move 10, with ECO codes E98 and E99.

Reverse pairs, wins

There were no openings with a 2-0 result, and only one opening with a biased 1-1 result (games 85-86, Old Indian, Tartakower (Wade) variation)

Reverse pairs, same moves 

Pairs of reverse games diverged very quickly, 68% of the pairs diverged at most after 1 move. The longest repeated move sequence in a game pair was 18 plys long (games 37-38, QGA, Linares variation, two draws).  

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