Friday, November 30, 2018

Season 14 division 4, 3 rounds to go

The human championship is over, Carlsen won in the tiebreak easily.

Meanwhile in TCEC, season 14 division 4 will soon be over. With 3 rounds to go KomodoMCTS and rofChade will finish first and second. The third engine to advance to division 3 will be either Nemorino or Schooner, Nemorino has a lead of 1 point. The other race that is still active is for 8th and 9th place, the last spots to qualify for the cup event. Rodent, chess22k and Tucano all have a chance, Tucano has a 1 point lead over Rodent and chess22k.

Of the remaining 18 games there are 12 that involve at least one of the active races, including two direct head-to-head games Tucano - chess22k and Nemorino - Schooner. I will update this page as the games are played.

Nemorino - Rodent: There was an early Q vs RN imbalace. Nemorino's eval was around 2 for a long while, both engines had an advanced passer they couldn't push forward. Nemorino found a way to capture the black passer, and then opened the king side and reduced to a won tablebase position.

Demolito - Schooner: The game was mostly quiet, reached a RR vs RBN position and ended in a repetition draw.

chess22k - ScorpioNN: As expected chess22k had no trouble winning this game, this time ScorpioNN did not crash.

Wasp - Tucano: Evals were close to 0 until Tucano chose to give a bishop for 3 pawns. Wasp developed a strong attack on the black king, Tucano exchanged pieces until only RB vs R were left and all the white pawns were gone. Wasp forced Tucano to give its rook for a bishop, resulting in a won endgame.

Two rounds to go. Nemorino is 1.5 points ahead of Schooner, Schooner will need a miracle to reach 3rd place. Rodent is a point behind chess22k and Tucano, it still has a small chance to reach 9th place.

Tucano - chess22k: Tucano was better after the opening, chess22k held the position for about 25 moves. Tucano went a pawn up and then exchanged pieces until only BN vs BN remained, with a white passer on the 7th rank. chess22k gave a knight for the passer, losing the game.

Schooner - KomodoMCTS: Black was a pawn up from the start. The game reached a B vs N ending with many pawns. KomodoMCTS was a pawn up but it was a doubled pawn. The engines shuffled for a while, then exchaged a few pawns. KomodoMCTS' eval was over 4 but it couldn't find a way to convert. KomodoMCTS gave a pawn to avoid the 50-move draw, then its eval started to climb again. It was over 6 and still KomodoMCTS couldn't fin a way to win, the game ended in a repetition draw. It is quite possible KomodoMCTS had a winning position in this game but couldn't find it.

rofChade - Nemorino: Nemorino defended in closed position. A series of exchanges opened the position and ended with only RBN vs QN remaining. rofChade outplayed Nemorino, it attacked the black king and then captured the knight. The endgame was slow, rofChade slowly pushed a pawn that in the end guaranteed the win.

Rodent - pirarucu: All pawns remained on the board and the engines shuffled until reaching a draw.

One round left. Schooner's miraculous draw and Nemorino's loss mean that Schooner still has a chance, it needs to beat Nemorino in their last game. Tucano is a point ahead of chess22k and 1.5 points ahead of Rodent. Tucano is sure of a top-9 place, Rodent and chess22k are still fighting.

Winter - Rodent: Rodent had no problem beating Winter quickly.
Nemorino - Schooner: Schooner needed a win, but it was a pawn down after many early exchanges. Nemorino went on to capture a second pawn and reach a winning endgame. Nemorino qualifies for division 3.

Demolito - Tucano: Irrelevant.

chess22k - Wasp: Evals were low in a closed position. Then the king side opened up and  chess22k did not survive Wasp's attack. chess22k finishes 10th, and Rodent is the last engine to qualify for the cup event.

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