Saturday, February 17, 2018

Season 11 premier division, openings after RR1

The games of first two RRs of the premier division are played without book. Below are a few statistics after RR1 is over. It is interesting to compare these with the bookless part of division 1.

First move
12/28 (42.9%) start with d4
14/28 (50%) start with e4
2/28 (7.1%) start with Nf3

By engine:
Andscacs: 2 e4 1 Nf3
Chiron: 1 d4 1 e4 1 Nf3
Fire: 3 e4
Fizbo: 2 d4 2 e4
Ginkgo: 2 d4 2 e4
Houdini: 3 d4 1 e4
Komodo: 2 d4 1 e4
Stockfish: 2 d4 2 e4

Fire is the only engine to only play one opening move, all other vary their openings. There were two Nf3 first moves, both transposed into a d4 opening.

Opening by first ECO letter

A - 1 (3.6%),
B - 3 (10.7%), 2 Caro-Kann
C - 11 (39.3%), 9 French variations, only 2 French Exchange.
D - 7 (25%), 4 QGD variations
E - 6 (21.4%), 4 Queen's Indian

Decisive games openings

A47 Neo-Queen's Indian (win in black)
B15 Caro-Kann: Tartakower
C07 French: Tarrasch, Open
C11 French: Steinitz, Boleslavsky Variation
C14 French: Classical, Steinitz
C70 Spanish (win in black)
C96 Spanish: Closed, Chigorin, Keres Variation
D02 Queen's Pawn (win in black)
D30 QGD 
D37 QGD: Classical
D44 Semi-Slav: Botvinnik, Lilienthal Variation
E11 Bogo-Indian

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