Saturday, January 27, 2018

Season 11 division 1, bookless openings summary

The games of first two RRs of division one were played without book. Here are a few statistics of the openings:

First move
33/56 (58.9%) start with d4
23/56 (41.1%) start with e4

By engine:

Andscacs: 3 d4, 4 e4
Booot: 6 d4 1 e4
Fizbo: 4 d4 3 e4
Gull: 3 d4 4 e4
Hannibal: 4 d4, 3 e4
Jonny: 7 d4
Laser: 5 d4 2 e4
Nirvana: 1 d4 6 e4

Jonny, Booot and Laser prefer d4, Nirvana prefers e4.

Opening by first ECO letter

A - 2 (3.6%), both Queen Pawn Games similar to D, no English, Dutch or Reti
B - 5 (9.1%), 4 of which are Caro-Kann, one Sicilian
C - 18 (32.7%), of which 15 are French Exchange, 2 are other French variants, and one Giuoco Piano, no Ruy Lopez
D - 25 (45.5%), 18 of which are QGD variants.
E - 5 (9.1%), 3 of which are Nimzo-Indian

Decisive games openings

D47 Semi-Slav: Meran, Capablanca (black win)
D35 QGD: Exchange (one black win, two white wins)
D37 QGD: Westphalia (white win)
D38 QGD: Ragozin (white win)
D00 Queen's Pawn: Mason Variation (white win)
A46 Indian: London (white win)
C01 French: Exchange (two white wins)

The crashes are not included.

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