Friday, January 5, 2018

Season 11 live blogging, Friday Jan 5th

Season 11 has started with division 4, a quick 2RR with eight engines trying to finish in the top 4 to qualify for division 3. The games are about an hour long each and we are about half way through the stage now playing the reverse games.

Now playing are Scorpio vs The Baron, currently in 7th and 8th place.

move 27: on the board black is a pawn up, with QRN vs QRN on the board. White has a passer on the queen side for compensation.

move 30: The queens are off, evals are negative in favor of The Baron, and increasing. Can Scorpio hold?

move 32: looks like The Baron is going to exchange rooks and take white's passer. My bet is that black will win the knight ending.

move 35: and there we go, Scorpio got a pawn back so The Baron is a pawn up, all pawns on the king side. Evals are at 2, not sure if this is a sure win. The engines could also blunder, especially Scorpio which is in some time trouble.

move 40: the kings and knights are dancing. The PV from The Baron doesn't show a lot of progress, Scorpio is not giving us any PV....

move 45: Scorpio's eval was at 0 for a move, it jumps like that sometimes. Still no pawn moves or captures, evals stable.

move 50: The Baron is expecting a pawn move but Scorpio is giving checks with the knight.

move 58: Eval jump for the Baron, does is see an improvement? The king tries to advance on the queen side.

move 62: There's the white pawn move, a zugzwang? Scorpio's eval jumps to almost 3 and the Baron's PV shows movement on the king side.

move 65: now the Baron's eval jumps to almost 4. This looks like a win for black. Now back to 3, we'll see in a moment.

move 69: pawn exchange on the king side, The Baron's eval over 5 now, probably a win. Scorpio not seeing it yet.

move 75: all over, the white pawns will soon fall.

Scorpio is probably out of the race, the Baron stilll has a small chance, it is 1.5 points behind 4th place with 6 games to go.

My time is up for today, tomorrow the stage will be over and the qualifiers will be decided.

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