Saturday, January 6, 2018

Season 11 division 4 results

Division 4 is finished and the qualifiers for division 3 are:
Defenchess, Senpai, Pedone, Ethereal, and ChessBrainVB

The final crosstable is

The qualifiers were determined in the last round, ChessBrain needed a draw against Senpai to finish ahead of Toga. Senpai was ahead but ChessBrain managed to hold.

There were 5 qualifiers and not 4 because the division 3 engine Fruit was pulled out by its author for unknown reasons.

Pedone qualified despite crashing twice, close to being eliminated by the 3 strikes rule. There was some discussion about whether to allow it to continue crashing in division 3, the ruling was to allow engines to be updated (without testing), at the cost of one strike in the next division. Pedone and Ethereal chose to update, hopefully they will not crash in division 3.

The qualifiers will now be joined with Fritz, Laser and Nemorino in division 3. Fritz and Laser are the favorites to qualify, but nothing is certain until the games are played. Division 3 will have 2 double RRs, 28 games per engine, so less luck is involved than in division 4. The time control will still be 30+10, too fast for me to go over all games and write reports. I'll try to write one at the half point.

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