Thursday, March 28, 2019

Season 15 division 2 results

Final crosstable

Xiphos and AllieStein promote to division 1. These two engines dominated division 2 and there was no doubt they would be the top 2. Xiphos won the division despite losing twice to AllieStein. AllieStein continues to improve and move up, still it lost two games to rofChade, blundering in a rook endgame in one of them.

Nirvana and Fritz are relegated to division 3. Nirvana was very weak in this division. The bottom half of the table was more competitive and the second engine to relegate wasn't determined until the last game. Ginkgo crashed twice and was in danger of being disqualified, but it managed to survive after it was reduced to 16 threads.

The engines to play in division 1 are: Andscacs, KomodoMCTS, Fizbo, Chiron, Laser, Jonny, Xiphos and AllieStein. The time control will be 60+5, twice as long as the lower divisions.

Action in the last RR

After RR3: Xiphos +11, AllieStein +8, Booot +2, ChessBrain and Ginkgo +0, Fritz -3, rofChade -5, Nirvana -13. The top is almost surely decided, Nirvana will be last. In the bottom rofChade still has a chance to overtake Fritz, and if Ginkgo crashes it will be disqualified. 

In rounds 22-23 Xiphos beat ChessBrain and increased the gap from third place to 5 points. Fritz survived against AllieStein in a long endgame, AllieStein's eval was over 14 but it couldn't convert. Ginkgo beat Fritz, Fritz is only 0.5 points away from the relegation zone.

5 rounds to go: Xiphos +12, AllieStein +8, Booot +2, Ginkgo +1, ChessBrain -1, Fritz -4, rofChade -5, Nirvana -13.

In rounds 24-25 AllieStein beat Ginkgo, Ginkgo is still one crash from disqualification. Xiphos beat Fritz and rofChade beat Booot, rofChade and Fritz change places and rofChade is in 6th place. Then Fritz beat Booot, Fritz and rofChade are tied.

3 rounds to go: Xiphos +13, AllieStein +9, Booot and Ginkgo +0, ChessBrain -1, Fritz and rofChade -4, Nirvana -13. Xiphos and AllieStein promote. The last game of the division will be rofChade - Fritz, it may determine which engine will finish in 7th place.

In round 26 rofChade and Fritz drew their games. AllieStein beat Xiphos and Ginkgo beat Booot without crashing. In round 27 rofChade drew AllieStein while Fritz lost to ChessBrain, so rofChade only needed a draw in the last game to avoid relegation while Fritz needed a win. Ginkgo beat Nirvana without crashing, Booot beat Xiphos. In the last round Ginkgo survived its last game without crashing, and rofChade held a draw against Fritz, so that Fritz is relegated together with Nirvana.

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