Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Season 13 live blogging, Wednesday Aug 15th

Division 3 is in the 3rd RR out of 4. Ethereal is leading without loss and at least 3 points away from all the other engines. There are 3 engines in the race for second place. Pedone has 11 points, DeusX has 11 and one game less, and Arasan has 10.5 points. Leela with 9 points needs to win games to have a chance, so far it has only 2 wins in 19 games.

Currently the Nemorino - DeusX game is running, closing the 19th round.

move 15: It seems that DeusX went wrong very early in this opening. It did not follow the usual line in the Petrov opening, and Nemorino's eval was over 1.5 from move 6. DeusX lost a knight for a pawn on move 9, and Nemorino's eval was over 2 on move 14.

move 20: Evals are not moving, DeusX is trying to hold. Nemorino has a queen side passer and has a potential pawn attack on the king side since the engines castled in opposite directions.

move 25: The white knight is in a weak square, not trapped but doesn't have a good square to go to. DeusX is attacking the queen side, evals are increasing again.

move 30: After several pawn exchanges it seemed DeusX would give a rook for a bishop but it changed its mind. Nemorino's king ran to the king side, it is a knight and pawn up but its king side rook is stuck in the corner.

move 32: BOOM, evals over 5. DeusX seems to have missed some tactic, and it immediately realized it is losing. It seems the black king is under immediate threat and black is about to lose material.

move 37: Game over, adjudicated by the win rule. DeusX hasn't lost material yet but its king is under attack and only the queen is there to help. Both engines agreed black's position is hopeless.

With this loss DeusX remains 3rd 0.5 point behind Pedone and equal to Arasan. The race is going to be close to the end of the division.

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