Sunday, August 19, 2018

Season 13 live blogging, Sunday Aug 19th

There have been many draws in division 2 so far, the engine scores range between 3 and 6.5 after 10 rounds. ChessBrain and Ethereal are the current leaders, Texel, Arasan and Xiphos are not far behind. Ethereal is the only engine without loss so far and still anything can happen.

We follow the ChessBrain - Texel game in round 11. The reverse game ended in a repetition after 31 moves.

move 6: Texel diverged from the reverse game on its first move. ChessBrain's 5th move was less popular, its eval is climbing though, at 0.5 after move 6.

move 11: The engines exchanged DS bishops, ChessBrain's eval continues to increase and Texel's eval remains close to 0. Both kings castled and the position looks quiet. ChessBrain isn't showing its plan, its PV is usually empty.

move 15: Texel is advancing pawns on the queen side, ChessBrain may be preparing a king side attack. The black LS bishop is still looking for a good square, b7 and d7 are its only options so far and they're not great. After exchanging knights in the center ChessBrain has a pawn on e5 and the black king side looks vulnerable.

move 19: Texel's eval started to climb while ChessBrain's came down a little and then jumped over 1 as the white knight landed on d4. ChessBrain finally shared a PV with us, I'm not sure the ending it sees is winning but in any case Texel is not following the line.

move 25: ChessBrain doesn't want to exchange bishops, hides its bishop on b1 still looking at the black king side. With the queen on the same diagonal finally there is a real threat on the black king, forcing pawn moves and weakening the black king side.

move 30: There is some pawn action on the queen side, perhaps Texel would like to open files for its rooks. Evals seem to be cooling down a little.

move 35: Texel is attacking the c3 pawn and it seems that white lost its momentum. Texel opened the a file and ChessBrain thinks this is good, its eval over 1 again. Now Texel attacks the king side with g4.

move 40: There are two isolated black pawns on h4 and b5, ChessBrain can try to capture them. ChessBrain eval jumps close to 2 and Texel's eval over 1, can ChessBrain covert here?

move 48: ChessBrain is a pawn up with a queen side passer. Evals are climbing fast, ChessBrain moves its pieces to the king side and captures the h pawn. Texel exchanged knight for bishop but I don't think it can hold two pawns down.

move 55: A pair of rooks is exchanged, only QRN vs QRB left. White can attack with its pawns on both sides, the win rule will stop the game shortly.

move 58: Game over, well played ChessBrain.

ChessBrain is in the lead with +4 after 11 games, still many games to play until the end of the division.

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