Thursday, January 17, 2019

Season 14 premier division statistics

A summary statistics table of previous stages and seasons. 

Draw rate, wins

Final draw rate was 71.4%.
The KomodoMCTS - Leela game in round 34 crashed due to network problems and was not replayed. I am counting it as a draw.

Game termination

The three most common game termination causes were:

33.9% - TCEC draw rule
25.6% - SyzygyTB
24.4% - TCEC win rule

KomodoMCTS crashed 3 times in the division and was disqualified. One Leela game was stopped due to a network failure.

Moves per game

Median= 64.5
Average= 74.6

There were 29 games longer than 100 moves, the longest was 209 moves (Fire - Leela, round 17, draw).

Time per game (hours)

Median= 3:03
Average= 2:59


There were 8-move book openings in this stage chosen by Cato. The first letter of the ECO codes was distributed as follows:

The 8-move book determined the opening in almost all cases, 97.6% of the game pairs repeated the same ECO code twice, 97.6% repeated the same opening variant. All of the game pairs repeated the ECO first letter twice.

Reverse pairs, wins

Reverse pairs, same moves 

Pairs of reverse games diverged very quickly, 52.3% diverged immediately out of book, 78.6% of the pairs diverged at most after 1 move. The longest repeated sequence of moves was 11 plys (Ethereal - Stockfish, rounds 33 and 40, QGD, Stockfish won as white and drew as black).     

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