Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Season 13 superfinal, games 31-40

After 40 games Stockfish leads 4-1 with 35 draws.
Komodo won its first game of the match. Stockfish lead is "only" 3 games, now that Komodo has proven it can beat Stockfish the games will be more exciting.

Game 31 reached a double rook ending on move 26.  The engines lowered their evals to 0 and the game was adjudicated at the earliest possible moment. In game 32 Komodo opened a file on the king side and prepared to attack the black king, its own king was safe on the queen side. Komodo had an eval advantage under 1 for a while but nothing came out of king side attack, the engines started to exchange pieces and evals came down. The game reached a RB vs RN position and was adjudicated when the pawns stopped moving.

Komodo gave a knight for pawns early in game 33. At first Stockfish's eval increased but it quickly dropped back to 0. After exchanging queens Komodo was 3 pawns up, evals turned negative. Komodo pushed pawns in the center and created an advanced passer. Stockfish gave a rook for a knight so Komodo was ahead on material in a BN vs R imbalance with 3 extra pawns. Evals started to increase, the engines reduced to a RBN vs RR position, Stockfish removed the advanced black passer and Komodo pushed another passer on the king side. Komodo's eval continued to increase, though the engines seemed to be shuffling. Komodo's eval peaked close to 2 when it pushed a passer to the 3rd rank, then Stockfish exchanged a pair of rooks and captured the passer. The game reached a 7-man position, two black pawns were left. It took Komodo another 40 moves to realize it couldn't convert. A real chance for Komodo to get its first win, and in black pieces.
In game 34 Stockfish was a pawn up from the start, with a small eval advantage. The engines gradually exchanged pieces until only RRN vs RRN were left. Stockfish's eval was close to 1 and Komodo's eval was 0 when the engines started to shuffle. The game ended in a 50 move draw.

Iin game 35 Stockfish castled long and pushed pawns on the king side, its eval close to 1. Komodo gave a rook for a knight and attacked on the queen side while castling short. Stockfish opened the king side, but after exchanging queens the black king was in less danger. The game reached a RRB vs RBN position and the engines started to shuffle. After exchanging bishops the evals dropped to 0 and the game was adjudicated.

In game 36 Komodo's queen moved forward early and gave a check, Stockfish chose to move its king rather than blocking with a piece. Evals increased a little but remained under 1. Komodo's king side pawns all moved forward and it castled long.

Komodo blocked the queen side and center and slowly moved its rooks to the queen side, preparing and attack. Stockfish countered on the king side, opening a file to free the uncastled rook. Evals climbed to around 2 when the engines exchanged queens and opened the queen side. 

The black pawns were weak on the queen side and Stockfish could not protect them. Komodo went up two pawns within a few moves. The engines exchanged all the rooks and only BN vs BN remained, with evals climbing fast.

A few moves later the game was adjudicated. Komodo finally wins a game, and after holding the same opening as black. Well done Komodo!

In games 37-38 white was up a knight from the start, while its king was forced to move with a protected black knight right next to it. In game 37 evals were at 0, the engines exchanged pieces but Komodo had enough left to attack the exposed white king. Stockfish pushed a pawn to the 7th rank and Komodo ended the game with a perpetual check. In game 38 both engines were reluctant to attack and the game ended in a quick repetition draw.

Stockfish started game 39 with an eval close to 1. Komodo sacrificed a knight for pawns and opened the king side, then castled long. Komodo pushed pawns on the king side and Stockfish had to protect its exposed king. Evals quickly dropped to 0, after a series of exchanges only QBN vs QR remained and Stockfish ended the game in perpetual check. In game 40 both engines castled short. Komodo held a small eval advantage for a while, evals dropped to 0 when both queens moved forward and attacked the opponent's king. Both engines decided not to risk their king and they preferred an early repetition draw.

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