Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Season 11 premier division statistics

Draw rate, wins


Final draw rate was 61.0%

Game termination

The three most common game termination causes were:
37.8% - TCEC win rule
36.3% - TCEC draw rule
14.9% - 3-fold repetition

There were no engine crashes in the division, there was one game where the runner software crashed (game 268, Ginkgo - Houdini). The game reached a drawn 6-man position and was manually set as a draw.

Moves per game


Median= 60
Average= 69.1

Time per game (hours)

Median= 3:00


The first double RR was bookless, and a summary of the bookless openings can be found in a previous post. Here I summarize the results of the remaining games, with book sequences by Cato. The first letter of the ECO codes was distributed as follows:

If we use the opening 'family name' (using format FAMILY_NAME: VARIANT....) the top 3 are:
Sicillian - 58 times
English - 24 times
King's Indian - 24 times

The opening variant was mostly determined by the book sequence. 96.4% of the game pairs repeated the same ECO code twice, and 87.1% repeated the same opening variant. In all of the game pairs the ECO first letter was the same in both games.

Reverse pairs, wins

Again I'm restricting to the games with book sequences.

There were only 2 game pairs with a 1-1 biased result.

Reverse pairs, same moves 

Here I'm also restricting to the games with book sequences.

Pairs of reverse games diverged very quickly, 51.8% of the pairs diverged immediately after book, 78.6% repeated at most 2 plys.


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