Monday, October 19, 2015

Season 8 stage 3 rounds 11-15

After 15 rounds (3 RR) the crosstable is:

Gull is still in the lead !! Stockfish and Komodo are 1.5 points behind and need to start working hard if they want to both qualify for the final. There is a real possibility that only one will qualify against Gull, an enormous surprise if that happens. Stockfish managed to equalize with Komodo in the third RR, but Gull had the same record as Stockfish, 3.5 points without loss. Looking forward to the reverse games in the next RR the Komodo-Gull has potential of a loss for Gull. On the other hand the Gull-Stockfish is dangerous for Stockfish since Gull had to work hard to get a draw in the opening they had.

Hannibal-Protector was a very quick draw by repetition after 23 moves. All the spectators were grateful (perhaps not all).

Gull-Houdini reached a fascinating RNN vs RBN with pawns ending, Gull with a pawn advantage. Gull gradually increased its eval until it was well over 2, Houdini steered the game to a NN vs R endgame. Here Houdini used its tablebase advantage to make sure the outcome is a draw, sacrificing the rook to get to a KNN vs KP 5-man position. This is also a game to look out for in the reverse matches.

Hannibal-Stockfish seemed to be heading to a draw as well. Stockfish was slightly ahead with a BP vs R exchange, but there seemed to be not enough pieces and pawns on the board, and the evals were static for many moves. Somehow the queens were exchanged and Stockfish managed to convert the RB vs RR ending.

The Komodo-Stockfish is last in the RR. This time Stockfish pushed for an advantage but could only reach a rook and pawns ending which soon reached a tablebase draw. We'll see if Komodo can do better in the rematch.

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