Sunday, July 8, 2018

Season 12 superfinal, games 97-100 and final results

The season 12 superfinal is over, Stockfish wins 29-9 with 62 draws. The final draw rate is 62%, one of the lowest ever in a TCEC superfinal. Stockfish added two more wins in the last two openings.

Stockfish pushed its king side pawns at the start of game 49.1, its king was quite exposed and Komodo controlled the long diagonals surrounding it. Still it was Stockfish that was ahead on evals, all its pieces headed for the king side.

Stockfish blocked the long diagonal with pieces, improving its king safety. Stockfish continued to push pawns on the king side, Komodo was careful not to open files and it allowed Stockfish's knight to fork two rooks. Evals continued to increase, a king side attack was unavoidable.

Stockfish won a rook for  knight and then opened the king side. After a series of exchanges only RB vs BN were left, the black bishop was stuck in the center many moves away from finding a useful square.

The white rook moved to the 7th rank and the white king move forward to support the pawns in the center. The game was adjudicated before Komodo started to lose pawns.

In the reverse game 49.2 Komodo did not push pawns on the king side, its king remained safe. Stockfish pushed pawns on the queen side and kept its pieces behind the pawn line. The engines started to shuffle on move 28, Komodo escaped the 50 move draw at the last minute and exchanged queens. Shuffling resumed, now Stockfish had an eval advantage and it exchanged rooks as the 50 move counter reached 0. Both engines finally lowered their evals to end the game in a repetition draw.

The 50th and last opening started with a very long book sequence 19 moves long. In game 50.1 Stockfish initiated a king side attack immediately, giving two pawns and opening files. On move 28 its eval was already over 3.

Stockfish threatened mate on the g file, it captured the black LS bishop which defended the g8 square. Komodo chose to ignore the offered rook and instead exchanged as many pieces as it could. On move 38 only RBN vs RB remained.

The immediate mate threat was removed but now Stockfish was a piece up, the pawns started to fall and Komodo had no counter. The game was soon adjudicated.

The reverse game 50.2 was much more quiet. The king side remained closed and the evals were close to 0. The engines exchanged pieces and on move 32 only QRB vs QRB remained. The game reached a bishop ending and a quick draw.

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