Saturday, July 7, 2018

Season 12 superfinal, games 93-96

After 96 games Stockfish leads 27-9 with 60 draws. The draw rate continues to be low, now at 62.5%. Stockfish extends its lead again, Komodo wins in a biased opening for the fifth time.

Stockfish started game 47.1 a pawn up with an advanced central passer on the 6th rank. The white king was exposed a little despite castling. Komodo managed to regain the pawn and to exchange a few pieces on the queen side.

Stockfish pushed pawns on the king side and the evals started to increase. The engines continued to exchange pieces and the game reached a QRB vs QRN position. Komodo had a queen side passer, and the white king seemed to be open to attacks, yet Stockfish's eval was over 3.

Stockfish opened the g file and got a pawn to h7. Komodo was careful not to open the h file as well and tried to hide its king behind the white pawn. The combination of an advanced passer supported by the queen and an attack on the black king with the queen and rook was too much for Komodo. The game was soon adjudicated.

The reverse game 47.2 started similarly. Komodo did not push pawns on the king side. Instead the engines continued to exchange pieces and by move 34 only BN vs BN remained. Komodo's central passer and Stockfish's queen side passer canceled each other out, the game was adjudicated after a long shuffle.

In game 48.1 the engines castled in opposite directions. Stockfish gave a pawn, opened its king side and prepared an attack. Meanwhile, Komodo cleared its queen side pawns and prepared an attack there. There was a very long PV agreement on move 18.

The engines played the line they predicted, which was very wild including a black rook sacrifice and a white queen sacrifice. By move 33 the game reached an unusual RBB vs Q position, Stockfish's eval was over 4.

Stockfish's king found a square where it could not be attacked by the black queen. The evals constantly increased as the engines moved their pieces, though it was hard to see what Stockfish had in mind. Komodo appeared to be in zugzwang, it made pawn moves and then its king moved away from the pawns. Stockfish managed to get its rook to the back rank and from there to attack the pawn on a6.

The two a pawns were quickly captured, Stockfish now has a queen side passer and Komodo couldn't stop it without losing the queen.

In game 48.2 the engines castled in opposite directions again. Komodo did not push pawns on the king side which remained intact. Stockfish gave a pawn and opened the queen side, then it lined its major pieces on the c file facing the white king. Komodo stopped the attack easily, evals increased to around 1. Komodo opened the king side, the engines exchanged queens and Komodo gave a rook for a bishop to keep the c file blocked. The game reached a RBN vs RRB position, Komodo two pawns up.

Both engines pushed passers in the center. In a series of exchanges Stockfish lost a rook for a knight and both passers were captured, leaving a RB vs RB position with Komodo two pawns up. Stockfish managed to get a pawn back, Komodo had a king side passer that started to advance.

Stockfish tried to counter with its queen side passer, the white bishop controlled its final square. It took a while but eventually Stockfish could not block the white passer on the king side. Komodo pushed the pawn to h7, when it captured the black passer the game was adjudicated. Another Komodo win in a biased opening, like the previous Komodo win.

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