Thursday, September 13, 2018

Season 13 premier division after RR2

Crosstable after RR2

The reverse games have been played and the first double RR is over. Stockfish is in the lead with a +6 score. Houdini had 4 wins in RR2 including one against Komodo, it is in second place. Ginkgo and Chiron close the table with a -4 score, Andscacs is only 0.5 a point ahead in 6th place. Fire in 4th is 0.5 points ahead of Ethereal, each has one win in their head to head games.

A few interesting games

Fire - Ethereal: Fire had a space advantage with increasing evals. Fire created a queen side passer, and though its king was exposed it attacked on the king side. After exchanging most pieces the game reached a QB vs QN position. Fire grabbed two pawns and reduced to a winning endgame. Interesting to note that Ethereal saw it was losing a long time before Fire did. A biased opening with two white wins.

Houdini - Chiron: The engines castled in opposite directions. Houdini had a space advantage, after the king side pawns stabilized it focused on the queen side. Chiron did not have enough defenders and it lost a pawn. Houdini kept pressing, it won a second pawn, and the game was adjudicated in a Q vs RB imbalance. Houdini's first win in the division.

Komodo - Stockfish: Komodo had an eval around 1 for more than 50 moves, with a rook for knight advantage. Stockfish traded down to a RR vs RB position and held the draw.

Komodo - Ginkgo: The center was blocked and the engines castled in opposite directions.  The king side had an open file that Ginkgo guarded with its rooks. Komodo's eval jumped and it exchanged a pair of rooks and created a king side passer. Then it captured a pawn on the queen side and penetrated with its queen. Ginkgo's defense collapsed and the game was adjudicated. Komodo had a double win in this opening.

Ethereal - Andscacs: The engines were essentially shufflling for a long time. Evals started to climb after Ethereal opened up the position. The game reached a RBB vs RBN position with Ethereal a pawn up. Ethereal went after the black pawns and the game was adjudicated when it was 3 pawns up. Another biased opening with two white wins.

Houdini - Komodo: See featured game below.

Houdini - Ginkgo: Houdini pushed pawns on the king side, and when the time was right it attacked the pawns defending the black king. Evals increased quickly, Houdini won a rook for a bishop and the game was adjudicated in a QRR vs QRB position. Two back to back wins for Houdini.

Stockfish - Andscacs: Andscacs gave a knight for 3 pawns, it forced Stockfish's king to walk to the king side uncastled.  The game reached a RRB vs RR position with increasing evals. Stockfish outplayed Andscacs in the endgame. Its rooks attacked the black pawns and king while it kept one pawn safe, then reduced to a winning bishop ending. A double win for Stockfish in the opening.

Houdini - Andscacs: Houdini created a queen side passer, and although Andscacs fought hard to keep it from advancing ultimately Houdini used it to win the game. The game was adjudicated in a QRB vs QRB position with the passer on the 6th rank.

Komodo - Ethereal: The game reached a QRR vs QRB position with Ethereal two pawns up and evals around 1. Ethereal's pieces were passive and its bishop almost trapped behind the pawns. Komodo weakened the black king side and captured a pawn, the game was adjudicate before Ethereal lost more material.

Stockfish - Chiron: Stockfish had an eval of about 1, Chiron held the position for over 50 moves. The engines opened files on both sides, Stockfish walked its king to the queen side and then patiently applied pressure on Chiron. The game reached a QRN vs QRN position and Stockfish captured a pawn. When it captured a second pawn the game was adjudicated.

Ginkgo - Stockfish: The game reached a R vs BN imbalance with Ginkgo two pawns up. Evals were close to 0 until move 40, then started to increase in favor of Stockfish. There was a long shuffle and then Ginkgo gave a pawn and opened the king side with pawn moves. Despite a pair of connected passers in the center for white, Stockfish thought it was winning. It reduced to a RR vs RBN position and advanced a passer to the 2nd rank. Ginkgo had to give a rook for a knight to get rid of the passer, leading to a won RB vs R endgame for Stockfish.

Featured game: Houdini - Komodo
Premier division, round 10
Link to game on TCEC

Komodo gave a bishop for 3 pawns, creating two connected passers in the center. After exchanging queens Houdini had an eval advantage under 1 with a bishop pair, though the black pawns looked intimidating.

Houdini blocked the passers with its pieces, with evals increasing. After the engines stabilized the king side pawns evals were over 1.5, though it seemed that Komodo built a strong pawn line across the board.

Houdini doubled rooks on the e file and then broke through the center giving a rook for a knight. In the RBB vs RR position Houdini's bishops were very strong, Komodo's king was trapped in the corner.

Within a few moves the black king was in a mating net, Komodo was forced to lose material and the game was adjudicated on move 36. Komodo's position collapsed very quickly, quite unexpected for an engine of this strength. 

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