Friday, August 17, 2018

Season 13 division 3 final results

Division 3 final crosstable

Ethereal is promoted to division 2 and Bobcat is relegated to division 4. Places 2 and 7 in the table were decided by tiebreak. Arasan beat Leela in their head-to-head matches (one win in 4 games, 2.5-1.5) and it is the second engine to promote. Nemorino crashed twice while Hannibal crashed once, so Nemorino is the second engine relegated.

After RR3 the scores were Arasan +3, Leela +1, Pedone 0, DeusX 0, Hannibal -2, Nemorino -3. Leela's first game in RR4 against Hannibal ended in a Leela disconnect, this was later determined to be a server problem and the game had to be replayed. After 3 rounds were played and the crash result fixed the scores were Arasan +5, Leela +3, Pedone 0, DeusX -1, Nemorino -2, Hannibal -5. Leela and Arasan drew their game, two rounds to go the scores were Arasan +4, Leela +4, Pedone 0, DeusX 0, Nemorino -3, Hannibal -5. In round 27 Arasan lost to Pedone, Leela held a draw against DeusX, Hannibal and Nemorino also drew their game. The situation before the last round was Leela +4, Arasan +3, Nemorino -3, Hannibal -5. Pedone forced a perpetual check draw against Leela, then Arasan beat Bobcat equalizing points with Leela and reaching 2nd place. In the last two games Nemorino lost to Ethereal and Hannibal surprised DeusX, closing the gap in the last game.

Both neural network engines remain in division 3. There were several hardware issues, the GPU configuration was changed for division 3 and then changed again while division 3 was played. Connection problems caused games to crash and they had to be replayed. The many Leela fans were disappointed by the result, claiming that under good GPU conditions Leela would have promoted easily. Considering that Arasan got a point from a Nemorino crash in a lost position Leela fans have another reason to believe that Leela could have promoted. It is probable that in the next TCEC season the hardware will improve and Leela will continue to move up in the divisions.

Division 2 will start later today with the engines Gull, Texel, Xiphos, ChessBrainVB, Nirvana, Vajolet, Ethereal and Arasan. Time control will continue to be 30+10. After dominating division 3 Ethereal is trying to promote again, we will see if division 2 engines are tougher opponents.

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